Once a member, always a member

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Attention. Garvey, Steele & Bancroft, LLP, our external auditors, are reaching out via random sample to have our members validate their June 2023 statement balance. Please respond accordingly. If you have questions, please contact the credit union (617) 973-9500.

Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 08/23/2023
Share TypeMin BalanceRate
Regular Shares$25.000.25%
Certificate of Deposit
MaturityMin DepositRate
3 month CD$2,500.001.75%
6 month CD$2,500.001.85%
1 year CD$2,500.004.8%
2 year CD$2,500.003.90%
3 year CD$2,500.002.60%
4 year CD$2,500.002.65%
5 year CD$2,500.003.05%
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