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The 77th Annual Meeting will be in-person on Thursday, March 21st 2024. The meeting will be held on the 4th floor in the Federal Reserve's main cafeteria on Thursday, March 21st with a snow date for the following Thursday, March 28th. Following the presentation, a buffet style dinner will be served as well as numerous door prizes raffled. 2023 was another solid performance for your credit union. For the first time in 15 years we experienced a rising rate environment, after a prolonged period of artificially induced lower rates through Federal Reserve programs such as quantitative easing. RSVP by calling (617)973-9500 or emailing us at Customercare@600atlanticfcu.org

Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 12/18/2023
New Autos
2022-2024Up to 66 months6.10%
67 - 78 months6.40%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
Used Autos
2018 - 2021Up to 66 months6.49%
2017 and olderUp to 48 months6.49%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
2018 - 2023Up to 60 months7.05%
2017 or olderUp to 48 months7.60%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
Home Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Home Equity1 Year Adjustable180 months8.00%
Adjustable Rate Mortgage3 Year Adjustable180 months6.375%
Fixed Rate Mortgage15 (1st Lien)180 months6.875%
Fixed Rate Mortgage15 (2nd Lien)180 months7.12%
Fixed Rate Mortgage30 Year360 months7.49%
Our Home Equity rates are currently .25% below the Prime Rate
Please contact us for 5 - 10 year specialized fixed rate mortgages
Personal Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature$15,000 Maximum36 months12.65%
Up to 60 months13.75%
Share Secured Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
SignatureUp to 60 months1.50%
Share Secured Loan rates will always be 1% above the Regular Shares dividend rate found on the Dividend Rates page.
Education Tuition Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature$15,000 Maximum36-60 months7.00%
Home or Auto Insurance Premium Loan
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature18 months7.90%
Winter Heat Budget Program
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature12 months7.90%
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