Monday September 15, 2014


The Credit Union has partnered with Cambridge Mortgage Group, LLC a subsidiary of South Shore Bank that is highly regarded. As a bank owned company, they can offer both secondary market and portfolio loan programs that should accelerate the loan closing process. So with one application a borrower will have access to many loan programs, low interest rates and flexible underwriting. Stop in and say hello!

WELCOME TO 600 Atlantic FCU

Welcome to 600 Atlantic Federal Credit Union, a cooperative financial institution for all employees and family members of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as well as the employees of any firms located and operating within the Reserve Bank building.

Auto Loans
New 2013-14 1.75% - 2.90%
Used 2002-10 3.50% - 3.99%

Mortgage Loans
Home Equity LOC 3.25%
Home MTG ADJ 3.25%
Fixed MTG (15YR) 4.50%

Share Rates
Regular Share .25%

CD Rates
3-Month CD   .40%
6-Month CD   .50%
1-Year   CD   .85%
2-Year   CD 1.20%
3-Year   CD 1.45%
5-year   CD 2.0%


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