Friday February 22, 2019

About Us

Establish in January 1946 as the Federal Reserve Boston Employees Federal Credit Union to service the employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and its First District branches. The bylaws were amended in 1999 to include family members of the employees. In October 2008, the Credit Union expanded the membership to the tenant firms located in the Federal Reserve Bank building. This diversification of membership resulted in a name change to 600 Atlantic Federal Credit U nion to be more reflective of the members. Any employee of the Reserve Bank or tenant firm that worked or works in the building is eligible for membership. The old credit union motto of “once a member always a member” stands.

We provide our membership with an array of products and services equivalent to a mid - size bank. However, it is key to make the distinction that we are not a bank but a Credit Union and proud of it! A Credit Union is cooperatively owned by the membership and acts for the members. The go vernance, our Board of Directors, is made up of members who volunteer their time and talents to help make wise financial decisions.

In these recent challenging times, not one penny of Member deposits have ever been lost by any credit union as well as not o ne penny of government bailouts was spent in the process. We believe it is our commitment to providing our members with excellent customer service and the products necessary to meet their financial needs.


Auto Rates
2016-19 2.75% - 3.25%
2004-15 4.25% - 5.00%

Mortgage Loans
Home Equity LOC 4.25%
3 YR ADJ MTG 3.75%
Fixed MTG 15 YR 5.0%

Share Rates
Regular Share 0.50%

CD Rates
3-Month CD   1.15%
6-Month CD  1.20%
1-Year   CD  1.85%
2-Year   CD 1.90%
3-Year   CD  2.00%
5-year   CD 2.20%


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